Everything you need to know about the classes....

Our fitness classes are designed to suit all ages and fitness levels. During the classes I will set an exercise at different intensity levels and show progressions and modifications and you just choose what suits your body best, and if you can't do something, simply miss it out or I can give you an alternitive. 

Blue Cat Fitness is for everybody!

Before your first session you'll be asked to fill out a quick medical (PAR-Q) form, (link below) and send it to me before your first session. 

Please consult your doctor if you have any worries or medical issues about starting an exercise programme.


Title: Fabulous Fitball

What is it? 

Have you ever seen those giant bouncy balls at the gym and wondered what on earth you are meant to do with it? If the answer is yes then this call is for you! Fitball is a fabulous was to strengthen your core, imrove your balance and over all muscle strength and tone. 

What do you need to bring / do? 

For this class you will need to wear appropriate training shoes and have your water and mat at the ready. 

Title: The Super Sunday Session

What is it?

 8 exercises, 1 minute each with rests in between and repeat for maximum effect!! All fitness levels welcome.

What do you need to bring / do? 

This class is on zoom, so you will need to check your workout space for hazards, and wear appropriate shoes and have a mat and your water handy.

Title: Super Circuit.

what is it?

This fun and effective workout has been a blue cat favourite for well over a decade with different stations and equipment to give you a full workout, from hand weights to hula hoops. Bring on the retro tunes from Dolly Parton to PJ and Duncan to put a smile on your faces and a spring in your step. All fitness levels welcome.

What do you need to bring/ do?

Please wear appropriate shoes for training and remember your water bottle!! 

Face to face class address:

Knaresborough WELLBEING HUB
Stockwell Avenue, 
Knaresborough,HG5 oLG 

Please click on the link below and fill in our PAR-Q form.

Thank you!